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Pricing as of 17/08/2017
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redcoal accepts payments of Prepay credits via credit card only.
Please Note that Credit Cards are debited in AU$ and prices may vary due to currency fluctuations.

Terms And Conditions

Post-Pay / Pay-As-You-Go-Plans for EmailSMS and SMS-Communicator

Plan SMS/Month Per extra SMS  No of Users  Min. Monthly Charge
BUY  | SME10  250   0.200  <10     55 
BUY  | SME20  500   0.180  11-20     105
BUY  | SME50  1000   0.165  21-50     195
BUY  | Corporate  2000   0.159  Unlimited     375
           Higher Volumes                                 POA

*Included messages not used in a specific month are not rolled over to the next month
*There is no charge for the reply SMS
*Additional SMS charges only incurred once you have exceeded the maximum number of messages included in your selected plan per month. E.G The redcoal SME10 plan allows you to send 250 SMS per month - all subsequent messages are charged at    0.20
*All fees are inclusive of GST
*Plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time (no lock-in)