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Pricing as of 18/07/2024
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redcoal accepts payments of Prepay credits via credit card only.
Please Note that Credit Cards are debited in AU$ and prices may vary due to currency fluctuations.

Pre-Pay Packages for EmailSMS and SMS-Communicator.

Package No of SMS Max.Users Price per SMS Total
BUY  | SMS Credit2000   500  5   0.22     110
BUY  | SMS Credit5000   1250  5   0.192     240
BUY  | SMS Credit20,000   5000  5   0.178     890
BUY  | SMS Credit40,000   10000  5   0.168     1680
           Higher Volumes                                 POA

*Price of 1 Reply = 1 Credit
*Credits are valid for 12 months & are non-refundable
*All fees are inclusive of GST
*NB: Please note high volume users and accounts with more than 5 EmailSMS users need to apply for a Post-Pay business account.